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Sessions now running weekly

Every Friday from 6pm to 8pm at:

All Saints Church, Barton Rd, Stretford M32 9RL


or call Steve or Khalid for more details.

UPDATE – Covid 19.  All sessions suspended until further notice.  We would like to thank the pupils and parents who have supported us so far and hope that you all stay safe in these unusual times.

Steve and Khalid

Personalised Maths Tuition for GCSE

Is your child struggling with GCSE maths? Lacking in confidence and unsure that they can achieve their target grade?

As a maths teacher and tutor for over 30 years this is a very familiar scenario.  Very often students actually know more than they realise and need guidance and support to build on this.

At TuitionSchool-SK we will be working hard to overcome these issues.  We will look to build positive relationships with students and their parents, working closely on an individual level to build on strengths and eliminate weaknesses.  Students will be encouraged to discuss their work without fear of criticism to enable their confidence to grow.  Well-structured and targeted questioning will help students to develop their own thinking and the reasoning skills which are a key component of the latest GCSE specification.

Collaborative Approaches

Some aspects of the course, such as certain formulae, need to be learned in order to use accurately in exams.  This will be actively encouraged and tested from the start.  A sound knowledge base will then allow more complex problems to be solved using sound mathematical reasoning skills.

Considerable attention will be given to the setting out of work and exam technique in order to try and maximise marks from methods and processes used in order to achieve a final answer to a question.  Many marks can be lost, even by more able students simply because of poor presentation of work in exam papers.

A methodical approach to all aspects of calculation and presentation will be encouraged which should inevitably lead to improvements in grades.

In addition to tuition time in lessons, students will also have access to out of lesson support via e-mail.

We are confident that by working together, closely with students and parents we can make a positive change to students’ progress in their studies.

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